God is not absent in history. His fingerprints are everywhere; in Creation, in the Bible, and in ancient languages. The Chinese language is made up of carefully constructed multi-dimensional characters that when broken down reveal truths found in the Hebrew book of Genesis.

crea_creation God created the first speaking
and talking man-Adam

On this site you can find several resources, for the seeker and the long-time learner, showing the links between Chinese characters and the Bible.

It is our hope that as you learn about this connection you will see that the God of the Bible is real; that His Word, the Bible, can be trusted and all that it contains is true.

As you learn more about God you will be drawn to the question; why does God matter? For more on that we have a page called Knowing God which shows why God created the universe and what it means to us all.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or just want to know more about God.

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